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Legend has it that a man and his dog frequently walked through town until one day the man died.  The dog came back to the same location where his master had died every day for more than a year until he, too, died at the same location.  Today, married couples traditionally have their pictures taken at this monument site to dedicate their loyalty to one another, just as the dog pledged his loyalty to his master.
he garbage truck comes every day to collect garbage from the apartment buildings which are left in cardboard boxes, as opposed to garbage cans.
Preferred mode of travel in the winter.  If I could, I would have Elder Peterson pull me around on one!
Lucinea, Nadia
 Feed the Birds - in the courtyard outside our apartment building
Thought it looked like a good idea but was unwilling to go outside, so I chose the air conditioning unit a hand's reach outside the kitchen window.
A "Could-Have-Been-Better-Could-
Have-Been-Worse" Water Day

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