The Best Going-Away Present Ever

We held our last Young Single Adult Family Home Evening on Tuesday evening. We expected to have several attend since it was our last week, but we had no idea who would come exactly. Our Togliatti missionaries are the absolute BEST!!!! They really went to work calling all of the young adults we have worked with throughout the time we have been here (without our knowing). We felt so honored to greet many who we haven't seen in weeks, even months. These are investigators who we helped teach with the missionaries but for one reason or another chose to discontinue learning about the gospel. However, we had become such good friends and so it was a blessing to be able to see them again before we leave. The real miracle of the evening was that we were able to realize our goal that we made with our student council over a year ago to have 15 young single adults attend. We have had 14 come on a couple of occasions, but we had 15 this time, our last time, and we were so excited. One of our members shared a thought about gratitude and asked each person in turn to express a thought about us. It was very heartfelt, and we feel so grateful for our association with these wonderful young people!

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